Transport & assembly

Directly from the manufacturer:
Practical everyday solutions
through innovative quality products
  • Platten-Klemm-Wagen
  • Carryflex - Transport- und Hebe-Roller
  • Last-Wagen
  • Plattentragegriff
  • Türlifter
  • Materialwagen
  • Türbock
  • Lager-Hilfswagen
  • Platten-Schwenkwagen
  • Universalklemme
  • Butler Stützbock
  • Treppensteiger Transportroller
  • Platten-Wagen
  • Gitter-Wagen
  • Kantenschutz
  • Harp-Car
  • Platten-Hubwagen
  • Kippsystem für Flüssigkieten

plate-clamping trolley

Plate-clamping trolley for the transport of flat goods for workshops and building sites is a miracle of capacity and flexibility.

load carrier

Load carrier is an indispensable help for a quick and energy-saving moving of heavy load, e.g. gravestones, frames etc.

door lifter

Door lifter –- lifts the doors out of their hinges without a strenuous effort.

Door jack

Door jack –- a safe support for the professional fitting.

Plate swivel trolley

Plate swivel trolley –- for the vertical transport and the subsequent horizontal processing of heavy plates.


Butler –- a clamping and supporting device for long components, being longer than the machining table.

Plate trolley

Plate trolley is excellent for the quick and strength-saving transport of heavy plates like chipboards and stone plates.

Edge protectors

Edge protectors –- a good and cost-saving supplement for our transport devices. It is a helpful protection for angles and edges of doors and plates during the transport.

Panel Lifting Cart

Panel Lifting Cart –- eases the lifting of heavy panels from lower shelves to the higher lying standing panel saw.

Tilt System for Liquids

Tilt System for Liquids -– a practical roller cradle for the optimal availability and consumption of varnish/paints without leaving residues

Carryflex – Transport- und Heberoller

Carryflex – transport and lifting roller for the transport, lifting and insertion of heavy doors, partition walls and building elements.

Plate-support handle

Plate-support handle
–- the universal carrier
light and ergonomically formed
as pulling-out help of plate shelves and for the simple transport of plates.

Material carrier

Material carrier –- a safe solution for transport and storing of heavy materials.

Stock-assistance carrier

Stock-assistance carrier –- for trouble-free removing of big, vertically stored plates from the stock shelf and for their transport.

Universal clamping device

Universal clamping device –- for a quick moving of stones and heavy blocks.

Staircase climber

Staircase climber –- a special transport and lifting roller with 3-star air wheels for the easy transport of doors, plates, windows and other extensive building elements over obstacles, e.g. staircases

Mesh trolley

Mesh trolley -- a practical and space-saving mesh trolley on casters for transport and storage of various materials and tools etc.


Harp-Car –- easy and safe transport of your harp.

Screw Guide

Screw Guide "SCHRAUB-FIX" –- for the safe and easy screwing in of screws at the right (60° und 90°) angles.