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Roller set for panel swivel trolley

Easy roll-off of the wooden panel when swivelling into the horizontal position.

Rollen-Set Plattenschwenkwagen


  • Panels are much easier to roll off
  • Sensitive panels are better protected against pressure points through
    the roller set
  • Depending on the panel size, the distance between the rollers can be flexibly adjusted

Rollen-Set Plattenschwenkwagen Anwendungsbeispiel

Art.-Nr.: 0112.03.000.101


  • 2 plastic rollers made of polyamide each with two galvanised fastening rings made of steel

Technical specifications

Rollen-Set Plattenschwenkwagen Detailansicht
  • Polyamide rollers: Outside diameter: 45 mm, Inside diameter:
    25 mm, (matching the handle extension bar) Width 18 mm
  • Fastening clamping rings: Outside diameter: 30 mm, Inside diameter: 25 mm, (matching the handle extension bar),
    Secured each with an M6 grub screw


Rollen-Set Plattenschwenkwagen Anwendungsbeispiel

Brochure "Roller set for panel swivel trolley" download as PDF, 305 KB