Transport & assembly


Panel swivel trolley

For vertical transportation and horizontal processing of panels


Roller set

for panel swivel trolley


...for easy and sparing roll-off
of panels when swivelling into
the horizontal position.

Art.-Nr.: 0112.00.308.101


  • Enables panels to be transported vertically without any problems and then turned to a horizontal position for further processing
  • Compact due to detachable handles


  • Stability provided by a wide pneumatic tyre
    Ø 260 x 85 mm
  • 4 polyamide casters with polyurethane tread
  • Telescopic supporting brace with polyamide tyre
  • Solid construction, all components galvanized

Technical specifications:

  • Transport of panels up to 3,000 x 45 x 2,000 mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,700 x 400 x 1,000 mm
  • Empty weight: 23 kg
  • Load capacity: 150 kg


  • Plate arm is securely supported by a very strong detent hook
  • Additional vertical supporting brace
  • Stability due to telescopic supporting brace






Transport lock
of the swivel arm through spring-loaded pin


Plattenschwenkwagen Anwendungsbeispiel


Almost every type of panel with measurements up to 3.000 x 45 x 2.000 mm and weights up to 150 kg can be easily transported with the panel-swivel-wagon by a sole person vertically and brought for working into a horizontal position.

Like all of our products, the panel-swivel-wagon is manufactured solidly. The container consists of curved steel sheet and is padded with felt for the protection of the transported goods. Through its compact building manner (handle length 1.700 mm, height 1.000 mm, driving width 400 mm), its removable handles and light weight of 23 kg it can be easily transported and can thus be put to use anytime and anyplace.

New swivel securing system

Base with swivel securing system

Platten-Schwenkwagen ArretierungTransport stopping of the swivel arms through a lock with spring mechanism. The lock prevents the pivoting of the swivel arm into the horizontal position during the transport of the panel. To pivot the swivel arm into the horizontal position, the unlocking switch should be pressed down with the foot.


Brochure "Panel swivel trolley" download as PDF, 405 KB

Panel swivel trolley assembly plan download as PDF, 250 KB