Transport & assembly


Panel carrying handle – secure transportation of boards, panels
and doors

Platten Tragegriff

Provides help with pulling panels out from shelves and transporting them.

Panel carrying handle only available as a pair.


  • Multiple uses: for transporting sheets of wood, metal, plastic, plasterboard
  • Helps pull panels out from shelves
  • Can be used for loads up to 75 kg
  • Easy to control due to a light empty weight


Plate-support handle example of use

  • Stable aluminium profile handle with comfortable synthetic grip
  • Clamp jaws made from cast aluminium with rubberized surfaces

Technical specifications:


Clamping range / mm 0 bis 65 70 bis 120 90 bis 150
(L x W x H) / mm
200 x 160 x 200 200x 230x 200 200x250x200
Net weight / kg 1,1 /1 pair 2,2 1,2 /1 pair 2,4 1,3 /1 pair 2,6
Article-Number 0107.01.600.401 0107.01.700.401 0107.01.800.401

Plattentragegriff Plattentragegriff


PlattentragegriffThis self-adjusting clamping mechanism is quick and easy to use. It has variable carrying heights and it saves effort when carrying panels and other flat goods, even parts with delicate surfaces.

Brochure "Panel carrying handle" download as PDF, 335 KB