Transport & assembly


Harp Car

The easiest way to transport your harp.

The Harp Car is small, handy, collapsible. It was developed together with renowned harpists and tested over many kilometres to make sure your harp safety reaches its destination.

The pneumatic tyres, compensating for surface irregularities and absorbing shocks, make the Harp Car ideal for use on crooked paths, stairs, cobble stone pavement and other obstacles encountered nearly every day when transporting the harp.

Art.-Nr.: 0121.00.000.101

Technical specifications

Total weight only approx. 6 kg
Width approx. 60 cm; this makes the Harp Car suitable for all standard elevators, doors, train (ICE), etc.
Harp-Car Collapsible: retracted it has a height of
approx. 63 cm
The handles of the Harp Car are positioned ergonomically.

Supports for sounding box:

  • softly cushioned
  • good lateral support through V-shape

Folding blade:

  • convenient and simple
  • optimal protection through rubber parts all around
  • non-skid, durable profile rubber on bottom of blade

Secure stand with blade folded or unfolded.

Brochure "Harp Car" download as PDF, 558 KB