Transport & assembly


Extraction hook

This device enables you to lever and extract large vertically stored items
from a warehouse shelf for onward transport



  • Pallets can be removed from storage easily

Art.-Nr.: 0110.90.000.101


  • Sturdy galvanized steel extraction hook

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 570 x 120 x 65 mm
  • Empty weight: 0.5 kg
  • Hook can be used to grip pallets up to a width of 45 mm


Step 1

Ausziehhaken Anwendung Schritt 1

Use the extraction hook to bring the panel
forward by approx. 1 m

Step 2

Ausziehhaken Anwendung Schritt 2

Push the warehouse assistance carrier under
the pallet and guide it out using the pole handle..

Brochure "Extraction hook" download as PDF, 405 KB